Intuitive exercise, or movement, is a part of switching to an intuitive lifestyle.

If you have given up dieting and trying to change your body’s size through restrictions, a big part of your success is going to be about also honoring your body when it comes to movement.

Here is a quick rundown of what intuitive exercise actually is.

You Listen to Your Body When it Comes to Exercise

The first “rule” of intuitive exercise is that you listen to your body. While you can still have a rough outline of the type of workouts you want to do, such as local fitness classes or youtube videos, you still want to be more in tune with your body and what form of movement you feel like doing.

This means if you had planned to go to a body sculpting class at the gym, but your muscles are sore and just the thought of lifting heavy weights for 45 minutes sounds excruciating, you listen to your body and do something a little more gentle. Sometimes, it means skipping the workout entirely to let your body rest.

I’ve experienced some health problems lately which make it difficult for me to walk. But I discovered that I could “walk” in my pool. My body likes this form of exercise right now and it is letting me take a more gentle approach to my exercising. The key is that I’m moving my body in a way that makes my body (and my mind) happy.

You No Longer Have a Strict Fitness Routine

This is going to depend on your lifestyle and goals, but for the most part, exercising intuitively is no longer about having a strict schedule or routine you must stick to. If you have ever been on a diet or weight loss program before, you know what this looks like.

You were probably given a schedule to adhere to, possibly multiple workouts each day, for 5-6 days a week. It might even have told you what time of day to do the workout and how many calories to burn during each workout.

This is no longer part of your lifestyle when you decide to switch to more intuitive forms of exercise. 

Weight and Body Control is Off the Table

This can be a hard one for people to accept, but in order to really be in tune with what your body needs as far as exercise goes, you have to let go of your “body goals”. It doesn’t mean you won’t get stronger and leaner and that your body won’t change, but you don’t pay attention to it as much. No more weighing yourself, before and after photos, or looking at body goals images on Pinterest for inspiration. Your motivation will be health and wellness, not weight loss or changing your body.

It is a Way to Encourage More Mindfulness in Your Life

Intuitive exercise also allows you to become more mindful in everything you do, and start using it not just for exercise, but nearly every area of your life. You start practicing mindfulness to understand what exercise would be best for your body, but then you begin seeing the benefits of mindfulness and use it for other parts of your life as well.