Almost everyone has someone in their life who is either outright toxic or, at the very least, they work against your best interests. Often, you have to either cut these people out of your life or reduce the time spent around them.

What happens when that person is YOU, though?

What if your thoughts and self-sabotage are keeping you down? If that sounds familiar, then check out these nine tips about overcoming self-limiting beliefs…

1. Become More Aware
The first step to dealing with any self-limiting belief is to make an effort to become more aware of your thoughts. Do you have any recurring negative self-talk? How often do you say things like “I could never…” or “That’s impossible”?

2. Write it Down
Journaling is a powerful tool for self-development. Take some time to journal about your self-limiting beliefs. Just getting them out and on to paper might take some of their power away. It also gives you a chance to refute that belief right in your journal.

3. Acknowledge the Belief
You have to be honest with yourself. If you have self-limiting beliefs holding you back, make sure you acknowledge them. More importantly, recognize that you know they are simply beliefs that you can work on and change.

4. Question the Belief
When you think of your self-limiting beliefs, are any demonstrably untrue? If you suffer from a lack of confidence in general, can you think of any time where you acted confidently? Think through each of your self-limiting beliefs in a similar manner.

5. How Has Your Belief Held You Back?
When you think about your self-limiting beliefs, think about how they may have held you back. If you worried that you aren’t smart enough, maybe that has held you back from taking opportunities you would have crushed. When you realize what you are missing out on, you will be motivated to change your self-limiting beliefs.

6. Why Not Try the Opposite?
Once you have a list (or idea) of your self-limiting beliefs, try thinking (or better yet writing) down new self-affirming beliefs. If you think “no one will ever pay me more money,” reframe it as “my earning potential is unlimited.” Don’t just say it though, try to live it through your actions.

7. Take Different Actions
Speaking of actions, why not change things up? If you are struggling with self-limiting beliefs while you do the same ol’, same ol’ each day — why not branch out and try something new? It doesn’t even have to start with a significant change. Just pick a small, inconsequential task and do it differently.

8. Ask For Opinions
You probably have a few people in your life that you count on and trust, ask them about your self-limiting beliefs. Tell them what you believe to be true about yourself and get their feedback. You might be surprised how differently other people view you versus your preconceived notions.

9. Reach Out to a Professional
Talking to a professional therapist is a wonderful way to work your way through self-limiting beliefs. They have likely “heard it all before,” so will be well versed in helping you work through your beliefs. There is no shame in asking a professional for help.


  1. To get started right away, just take some time to jot down 3-5 self-limiting beliefs that you think you have. Example: I am not good at speaking with people.”
  2. Now for each of those beliefs, you wrote down, write down how they have held you back in life. Example: I avoid giving my all at work because I am afraid of getting a role where I have to speak to people.
  3. Finally, write down a new belief to replace your old self-liming one. Example: I can talk to anyone, I just have to put myself out there. Remember, writing it down isn’t enough; you need to try living this new belief. Go out and start talking!