In addition to getting good sleep, eating right, and other mood boosters, try to also get some regular exercise in.

I’m not talking about completing a difficult fitness challenge or pushing yourself to do some extreme form of activity you don’t enjoy.

Instead, find some workouts that get you moving, you are motivated and excited to try, and that you actually enjoy. These can help you become mentally healthier and improve your mood exponentially, with the added benefit of being good for your physical health as well.

Some exercises you might want to try include:

  • Walking or going on a hike
  • Dancing
  • Taking a local fitness class
  • Yoga or Pilates
  • Weight lifting
  • Family workouts with your kids

Above all else, make exercising a fun activity that you can actually look forward to.

I enjoy walking every day and I also enjoy listening to podcasts while I’m walking. Most of them are just the right amount of time for daily walk. I find that I really look forward to the next podcast even if I don’t look forward to walking. Especially when it’s hot or cold outside.

So if you don’t necessarily enjoy the exercise but you enjoy something else — podcasts, music, etc. — then use those things you DO enjoy to help you get in your exercise.