It’s hard to imagine sometimes that small things can have such a deep impact.

So if you’ve ever doubted the impact of tiny actions then think about how erosion created the Grand Canyon. Over time, something as small as sand, water, and rock have created one of the most awesome of nature’s miracles.

So too will small habits affect your life in such a way as to create lasting and significant change. Read on to discover some habits you can start to implement immediately that will begin reshaping you into the person that you’ve always been meant to be.

1. Get up on time. Starting the day with multiple hits of the snooze alarm sets a bad tone for the rest of the day. You obviously set the alarm with the intention of rising at a particular hour — why are you breaking that promise to yourself? By getting up on time, you’re putting a positive start on the day. Shouldn’t you give yourself the best odds of a good day as possible?

2. Eat healthily at every meal. It’s hard to feel energized when you’re slogging along on a diet filled with fats and sugars. When you put more healthy choices onto your plate, you will feel better. Your mind will be sharper, and you’ll be better energized to get through the day. Start small. Add a salad to your meal. Or replace dessert with a piece of fruit instead.

3. Exercise. Before you get caught up on thinking you need a lot of fancy equipment or a huge time investment to feel good, think again. Start small. Try taking the stairs at work instead of the elevator. Or just a walk around the block. Or do just one pushup.

4. Read more. Dedicating a half hour of every day to your mind means that you’re constantly “sharpening your saw” and exposing yourself to new ideas. Pick books that inspire you or encourage you to think. Or if you like, just read a trashy novel and revel in it.

5. Realize you’re an ‘idea’ person. Make a goal of writing down a few ideas every day. Some researchers suggest ten but even one new idea a day means that you’ve got source material to draw from when you’re looking for something with which to challenge yourself.

6. Become more mindful. Meditate, pray or just sit quietly. (I often talk out loud to myself.) Even starting small has the positive impact of reducing stress, lowering your heart rate, and bringing a mind that’s running in a million directions at once, back on track.

7. Think about your day. When you finish the day, reflect on your accomplishments. Focus on the things you’re proud of, on the things that made you smile. Write your accomplishments down in your journal. Thinking about things you’re grateful for can also bring about big changes.

None of these items should take very long — even 5, 10, 15, or 30 minutes a day on some of these is enough to create lasting change. What you’re going to find out very quickly is that by practicing these habits you’ll not only feel better, you’ll like the person that you’re becoming. That is building ‘you’ at your best.

If a small change can do all that, then isn’t it time you got started?