Many of the most successful people of our time wake up very early every day.

Why? It’s because most people find that the earlier they wake up (within reason) the more productive they are with their day.

Are you striving to be more productive?

If so, these tips can help you to get up early so that you can take advantage of those early morning hours and enjoy greater productivity.

It’s important to remember, though, that getting up earlier won’t benefit you if you’re suffering from sleep deprivation. Ensure that you get 7-9 hours of good quality sleep each night. You may need to go to bed earlier at night in order to get all the rest you need.

Going to bed earlier likely won’t cut down on your productivity, because most of us aren’t particularly productive in the late evening hours as we relax after the day’s work is done.

Consider these motivation tips to get your day started off on the right foot:

1. Grab a good coffee machine. This is perhaps the most effective way to wake up early — especially when the coffee is good. Even if you’re not a coffee drinker, the point here is to enjoy a warm and refreshing beverage to start your day. It could be tea or hot water with lemon.

2. Eat some fruit. Many people are unsure about which foods to eat in the morning. If you’re looking to get an early start on your day, eating fruit can be one of the better ways to start your metabolism.

● Fruit has very fast-digesting sugars and complex carbohydrates to provide great sources of energy.

3. Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier each day. One of the biggest difficulties you may face with getting up earlier is that you may try to wake up at the crack of dawn on the first day, feel exhausted, and then give up quickly.

● Instead of that self-defeating process, try setting your alarm 15 minutes earlier each day or so until you reach the time at which you’d like to get up. This will help your body to become accustomed to your new sleep/wake times without such a shock.

● When you do this incrementally, your body might not even notice the change. If 15 minutes is too large a change for you, try 10 or even 5 minutes earlier each day.

4. Turn off the alarm. Once your body becomes accustomed to your new time for waking up, you can turn off the alarm. This will help to teach your body (especially if you don’t have morning appointments) to wake up at the same time without the annoying, loud sound of an alarm.

● But if you do need an alarm to wake up, put it across the room so you have to actually get out of bed to turn it off. Otherwise, it may be too tempting to keep hitting the snooze button until the very last minute, then you’ll be rushing around to get your day started.

5. Set morning goals. Once you’re up early, it’s time for you to start getting some extra work done. For your best results, create a to-do list each evening for the next day. That way you already have your tasks set out for you each morning when you wake up, so you can get started right away.

● It’s also a great idea to write down your morning routines or rituals for things you want to do first thing. Like reading a good book, meditating, writing in your journal, or taking a morning walk. Writing these routines down ensures you’re more likely to do them.

Waking up early is one aspect of our lives that we can all work on, but it can be challenging to get started. Take your time to work on a new schedule and allow yourself to feel comfortable with an early start. Chances are, your body will love it.