As I was contemplating what I’d like to accomplish this new year I did a Mental Inventory.

I wrote down what I was Working On and had 3 items; What I Should Be Working On and had 8 items; and what I Want to Be Working On and had 16 items.

And as I contemplated that list of what I want to be working on, which is really where my passions and my desires are, I started to feel a sense of overwhelm and dread. Not because anything on that list was something I didn’t want to do but because I started feeling like I’d never get to do all of those things.

And, of course, me being me, what truly overwhelmed me was the desire to do everything at once.

So when I felt myself getting a little crazy, I pulled back, and actually thought about what I wanted to work on the most and ordered the rest so that I can get to each of them eventually.

This is hard for me to do. Perhaps it’s hard for you too, especially if you’re like me and seem to have more ideas and interests than time.

As you contemplate your new year, why not take a few minutes and slow yourself way down. Write down all the things you really want to do this year, then order them starting with what you’d like to do first, second, third and so on, then take a hard look at what your top 10 are, narrow that down to your top 5 and then decide which one of those you’d really like to tackle first.

My guess is, that when you start working on your top priority, you’ll get so immersed in it that you won’t have time to worry about getting to the other things.


You’ll get to them eventually. Or maybe not. You may find, as the year wags on, that some of the things you thought you wanted to do are things that maybe aren’t so important to you anymore.

I’d love to know what’s the one big thing you’d like to accomplish this year. Please share in the comments below.