Like everyone, I have customary ways of doing things. I live a lifestyle that serves me well. However, I am also flexible and open to other options when they benefit me. When one of my habits needs to change, I am ready to take action.

Because my habits are mine by choice, I know that I am stronger than they are. I decide when something works for me and when I am ready for change. And when prudence tells me that some part of my life would be better if done differently, I listen.

If I find myself at a crossroads where my usual choice does not serve me, I stop for a moment and assess the situation.

I ask myself what would be the best action for me now. I evaluate every possible option, not just my customary ones. Because I can think outside my usual mental constraints, I am free from the force of habit.

I am grateful for my resourcefulness and strength. And I am thankful for always being able to see the big picture, in which I have many options, instead of just a few.

My versatility and determination enable me to choose the best path for myself in any circumstance.

Today, I am confident that I am stronger than my habits. I trust that I can do whatever is best for my loved ones and me in all situations. In each moment, I practice awareness of habitual behaviors so I always have access to many choices.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What are some recent circumstances in which I have made deliberate, conscious decisions?
  2. What might I have chosen, instead, if I had allowed habit to dictate my actions?
  3. Why am I stronger than my habits?